Skills you can build on


Skills are what you need. They define not only the outcome of your project but the amount of time it will take to get it done. However, in most cases today's technology does not ask for an expert in one particular area but for someone that masters many. Thus we are proud to provide you a variety of skills in different technologies.

We are proud to provide both certified Linux Professionals and Microsoft Certified Experts. Furthermore, we participate in the SAP Member Referral and Influencer Program and are a recognized Microsoft Partner.


Do you run SAP?

Let ERP drive your business.

Enterprise Resource Planing sounds like something only for the big players. While that might have been true a couple of years ago todays pricing make it an affordable accessory to almost any business. All your business–processes integrated into a single system alone might give your business a boost. Now imagine having them implemented as what is considered best-in-class by thousands of other companies. Having over five years of experience in implementing, maintaining, and upgrading SAP systems we are just the partner you need to let your business run SAP.

Open source for an open business

Migrating to open standards.

The choice of an pperating system has become quite an emotional one. But do not get yourself into those discussions about which one might be better than the other. There are good reasons to choose either one of them. And if you choose Linux we are just the partner you need to implement it—or migrate to it. With several years of experience in running Linux–servers we have what it takes to set up a server that suites your needs and to keep it running.

Keeping it together

Integrated solutions.

Whether you just like consistency or you want to keep it simple—there are many good reasons for choosing Microsoft Windows as your dervers operating system. For example, did you know that you can safe on client–licenses when installing a Microsoft Windows Server? Or implement an easy way to backup your clients at virtually no extra cost? Having more than ten years of experience with different versions of Microsoft Windows Server we can provide you the expertise you need for a successful Microsoft Windows experience.