The Service you need


The services we provide are the answers that you need. We do not want to sell you a product but deliver a solution that fits your specific needs. Every business is different and so are their demands on technology. Which is why you will find our approach of understanding your needs to provide you a solution that fits them not only the best for your business, but also the most convenient. Knowing what todays technology is capable of we can guide you to a solution that will not only fulfill those needs but enable us to integrate them into you existing infrastructure.

So, what services do we provide? The ones that you need!

Apart from our consulting– and integration–services we also provide hands–on skills in many different areas. Let us give you a glimpse of what we can do to make your life with technology easier for both you and your business.

Connecting people

Building networks from scratch.

Computers—and their descendants like cash–registers—have become a really chatty folk. Where a decade ago you could do almost anything with an isolated box sitting on your desk nowadays you are required to have a connection of sorts to get your data around. And no matter whether you need WiFi, a cable–based network, connect a remote–office or you just want work out of your home–office: We can build—and maintain—the infrastructure you need. Just keep on working, we will make sure that is works and is secure.

Letting your IT work

Automating every-day tasks.

Tired of doing monotonous tasks day by day? Falling asleep pressing the same buttons over and over again? Why not let your IT step in and do it for you? Automation is a field computers can shine in. Yet in small do mid–sized businesses these potentials are rarely used. We can help you getting rid of those daily annoyances and let your computers do the work for you. No matter whether you need to automate office, system, monitoring or even SAP: We can make it work for you.

Keeping you updated

Maintenance for small and mid-sized businesses.

We live in technology–savvy times. Computers run the show and everything is online. While this most likely makes your life a lot easier it does come at a price: Security and health of your IT–environment has become a crucial part of any business. However, it is a complex one to master as well. Let us step in and manage your IT. We will keep it working the way you expect it to work.