Imagine what you can do


Technology can do amazing things nowadays. It is no longer the limiting factor to your possibilities but a tool to let your visions come true. Yet, you will need to know what possibilities there are before you can start putting them to good use for you.

This is where we step it. Let us show you what other customers did to enhance their businesses. Even though we provide highly customized solutions for our clients feel free to let them drive your imagination. You might end up finding them interesting for your business as well.

Is your data safe?

Backup–solutions for tight budgets.

Computers are crucial to your business. You rely on them on a daily basis. However, just like anything else they face certain threats that might render them useless. From a stolen notebook to a broken server—the unexpected can happen as fast as a power-surge. When disaster strikes it is to late to take precautions. This is why backups, performed on a regular basis, are so important. Yet most people do not pay attention to this until it is too late.

But it does not have to be that way. Todays backup–solutions are hassle–free. They do their job without manual activities working mostly unnoticed. And they start at prices even under the cost of a notebook. Now that just leaves you wondering why you waited so long to take that step.

Saving you money

Doing the same for less.

This statement applies to most small business: You pay too much for your software. No matter whether you only have one computer or a dozen—you can save on software in almost any case. Running a server even increases your potential savings. Creating an inventory for your software and locating their needs is the key to save on licenses; wherever they are involved. We can analyze these potentials, recommend alternatives, and point out synergies for your individual situation.

Take your data with you

Data on the go.

Having a server is a wonderful thing. It provides a home for your data and keeps it safe. Maybe it also hosts your crucial business–services. Everything is in one place, can easily be managed and monitored. And you can even add further benefits without much problems. Whenever you need to. Like mobility–solutions.

By combining todays technologies a mobile office is just a couple clicks away. Whether you want access to your data or just checking your office's security–camera while on the go: Almost anything can be realized.